What’s Up Houston?

By | July 16, 2015

Houston is an utterly amazing place brimming with unique organizations, things to do and places to visit. This series of classes features guest speakers who tell us about these organizations, events and fun and educational places we can visit with possible volunteer opportunities.

This class meets from 10 am until 11 am on the Thursdays
(when LEOH is in session.)

This was our schedule for the 2021 Fall Session:

September 23:
Katie Wilson, Officer, West University Police Department, presents an overview of the West University Virtual Gate Program.

September 30:
Blaine Kemendo,
Architect and Vicar, St Barnabas Anglican Church. Bellville, discusses the Bible and Christianity in the founding and development of the United States.

October 7:
Jim Burrough,  LEOH member, reviews the standard Emergency Planning Model that guides personal planning for identifying and responding to hazards and risks.

October 14:
Stephen J Spann, MD MBA,  Founding Dean, University of Houston College of Medicine, talks about the focus of the new college on educating a diverse group of primary care physicians.

October 21:
Sandra Lord, Avocational historian and ghost author, talks about the paranormal activity in Market Square Park  

October 30:
Tom S Ramsey, Commissioner. Harris County Precinct 3, assesses the current status of the precinct and presents the goals for the future.

November 4:
Greg Shelley, Program Manager, Harris County Ombudsman Program, explains that the Program advocates for and helps protect the quality of life and care for those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.