What’s Up Houston?

By | July 16, 2015

This class will not be offered and this page will not be updated until LEOH meets in person again at  Bellaire UMC.

Houston is an utterly amazing place brimming with unique organizations, things to do and places to visit. This series of classes features guest speakers who tell us about these organizations, events and fun and educational places we can visit with possible volunteer opportunities.

This class meets from 10 am until 11 am on the Thursdays
(when LEOH is in session.)

This would have been our schedule for the 2020 Spring Session:

March 19:
Rev Lataya Simpson, Associate Pastor, Bellaire UMC.  Preserving Memories Through Publishing.  How to write and self-publish your book

March 26:
Stephen J Spann, MD,
Founding Dean of the new University of Houston College of Medicine, tells us about the development of the new College.

April 2:
Deborah Hyink, PhD,  Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, explains bacteriophages (viruses that target bacteria) and their possible use in treating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

April 9:
Courtney Crappell, DMA,  Director, Moores School of Music and Associate Professor, University of Houston, presents the many areas of the School, symphony orchestra, opera, piano, etc, which enrich Houston’s culture.

April 16:
Rev Blaine Kemendo, Architect and Co-pastor, Belleville  Anglican Church (REC), discusses the significance of the Bible and Christianity in the founding and development of the United States of America.   

April 23:
Ann Godfrey, General Manager, Community Impact Newspaper, discusses this new, local newspaper, its goals and mission.

October 31:
Justin Riley, CEM, Senior Public Safety Planner, Houston-Galveston Area Council, discusses Homeland Security and Emergency Management planning and includes First Responders and disasters of any kind.