About Us

About Us.

LEOH, founded in 1981, is a non-profit organization with one goal—to continue the educational and inspirational growth of its members through speakers, classes, field trips and activities.

LEOH was founded by and nurtured by the vision of Eveleth (Dickie) Harshman. In 1981, Dickie Harshman, a retired teacher and member of Bethany United Methodist Church, shared with neighborhood churches and civic clubs her enthusiasm and determination to establish a program for seniors similar to one she had attended in Atlanta.

Leaders in five southwest area churches and two civic clubs shared her conviction that “the elderly” would benefit from a program that would give them a means to develop new skills, meet new people, stimulate their minds and learn how to support and use community services. Life Enrichment of Houston held its First Session that Fall at Bethany. The brochure from the First Session in 1981 noted that the acronym LEOH also stands for Life, Energy, Optimism, and Hope. The logo for LEOH is quite logically a lion.

LEOH meets on Thursdays for two eight-week sessions per year, generally from mid-March through mid-May and again from mid-September through mid-November.  The organization is open to everyone and is composed of the most energetic and involved seniors that you would ever want to meet. It is an all-volunteer organization, so not only can you participate, you can also assist in organizing the classes and activities.

Currently, the President of LEOH is Ken Euler, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.  LEOH is governed by a  Board of Directors.  Mary Mahon serves as Vice-President, Rosalie Thurbon as Treasurer, Jennifer Stone as Secretary, and Kelly Cervenka as Member Care Coordinator.  It is an all-volunteer organization, so members are encouraged to become involved and to offer suggestions on how to improve the organization and its offerings.