Party Time

LEOH’s Party Time is held on the final class day of each Session.  Party Time for the 2019 Fall Session was (Thursday) November 7th and was held in the Family Life Center (Gym).

10:30 AM – Art Gallery set-up – The Watercolor Painting students set up the masterpieces that they painted during the Session.  In addition, those who wished to bring their home handicrafts for display were welcome to do so.  Note some of the artwork below from this session’s class.  One of our quilters brought examples of her most recent work.  Below, our watercolor artists gathered around a lunch table!

11:00 AM – Coffee/tea, Conversation and Art Gallery viewing

11:20 AM – Musical Presentation
Mandy Kung, Director and Piano Instructor
St Andrew’s School of Fine Arts                                                                                                                                                      (See her picture, below right.)



11:50 AM – Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation

Noon   –  Lunch – Popeye’s chicken tenders with sides and dessert.  Very good!

1:00 PM – Bridge